Project Mind Funding



With the onset of the corona virus, we see that the world has become too dangerous not to urgently implement this unique project - Project Mind.

We believe we can complete the project with the beneficial results for the amount of $30 million.

Funding is urgently needed. We are seeking those individuals who have the ability to provide these funds.

There is no longer time to talk, linger over ideas, put things off to another day. The time for action is now.

Funding required is listed below. For more information please contact: Project Mind Foundation.




  • scouting for a maximum of 72 founding associates who will be responsible for establishing and maintaining the project
  • scouting for a minimum of 36 candidate scientists to participate in the project itself
  • scouting for the support staff specialists (medical, psychological, spiritual and technical) who will help run the project
  • establishing educational frameworks to enable the general public to learn about Project Mind and the vision behind it and to become involved on some level
  • preparing a video documentary about Project Mind

Long Term:
  • to construct a specially designed building to house Project Mind - for greatly enhancing creative vision in scientists.
We anticipate that our activities for the next 4-5 years, until the project itself is established, will be primarily of an educational, promotional and administrative nature. While our purpose is not to seek wide consensus we do need to cast a wide net in order to find and encourage those exceptional persons who share our vision.


Time Schedule:

Phase One will consist of fundraising and design of the proposed facilities.

Phase Two will consist of constructing the facilities and screening of scientists and staff.

Phase Three will be the operation of the project.

Budget Phase One:

Personnel - $ 350,000
Advertising - $ 150,000
Documentary videos on Project Mind - $ 200,000
Graphics Projects - $ 60,000
Architects; Consultants fees - $120,000
Communications (phone, fax, mail, etc.) - $ 20,000
Office Equipment - $ 45,000
Travel - $ 80,000
Printing; office services - $ 120,000
Translation (foreign language brochures and literature) - $ 5,000

Projected Budget

This budget is an approximate calculation. For reasons of economy and convenience, most communication among associates will be by private email. We plan to create a video worthy of being shown on science TV channels

Personnel (3 x $26,000) - $ 78,000
Advertising - $ 30,000
Documentary video on PM (8-12 minutes) - $ 70,000
Preliminary architectural design of the PM facility - $ 20,000
Communications (phone, fax, mail, etc.) - $ 3,000
Office Equipment (computers, printers, modems) - $ 10,000
Travel - $ 20,000
Printing and office services - $ 5,000
Translation (foreign language brochures and literature) - $ 5,000


Computer Technology:
- maintenance of web site
- graphic development
- personnel prospecting

- proposal writing
- grant writing
- canvassing for contributions

Media Promotion:
- advertising
- graphic design
- development of promotional materials

Preparation of Model and Plans For PM Facility:
- acquisition of computer and architectural software
- engagement of architectural talent

Translations of Material into other Languages:

Video Documentary:
- preparation of PMF video documentary